​​The way you interpret and understand the world directly affects your beliefs and the way you live your life. Perception creates bias as much as it creates understanding.

When it comes to life lessons, it is no surprise that we should focus on being positive, self-loving and making the most of life. It's a pretty standard motto.

But what these mantras all have in common is to try not to worry about what is to come or what you've done in the past, and to continue learning to improve your perspective. This works whether you are referring to yourself, your career, your family, or your wealth. It could go on. By getting into the habit of learning about yourself by listening to the words and thoughts you have, acknowledging the things you don't like about your way of life, and appreciating the parts that you are absolutely in love with - surely then, by putting your learning into practice you can only ever grow? 

Blue sky dreams aside for a second... how would you plan your day if you had it your way? Of course, you'd still have to pay for the amenities that you're using, be it your home, car, weekly groceries etc. But, how would you prefer to go about it in a way that would mean that looking in the mirror would make you PROUD?

And if you're not sure, because no one has all the answers, it's time to learn about the opportunities in life to achieve exactly that. 


- Listen and judge yourself fairly and proactively.

- Talk to people from all walks of life. Ask questions.

- Read, listen and watch. Books, articles, podcasts, documentaries etc.

And lastly, tell yourself you will be okay with a goal to continue to evolve by learning how to reach the ideal you, for you. 

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