S​ally is a senior consultant who specializes in recruiting into Sales, Business Development, Events, Digital Media, AdTech and MarTech. She has consistently placed candidates into their dream roles, and has received numerous testimonials regarding the fantastic work that she does at Aspire.

Below are just a few examples of such.

"I want to thank Sally; I know [she has] been on leave, and yet constantly [is] checking on me and helping me prepare for my interviews. Thank you so much! - Dao Cai 

"[Sally provided] the collaboration in finding my ideal job, and ma[de] it happen so quickly"- Jackie Lim 

"Sally... [has] been very supportive throughout [the recruitment process], so [I] just wanted to give [her] a big shout out!"- Harmeet Singh

"The headhunters from Aspire are amazing. I’ve had a really great experience"- Tiffany Kang

​With April’s help, I was able to secure a position with a company that far exceeded my expectations. Through regular communication and keeping both candidate and company interests in mind, I was not only well prepared for my interviews but had a clear understanding of what the role entailed to ensure I was the perfect fit for the company. I am truly grateful for all the support from her and the Aspire team in being able to provide me with such a wonderful opportunity!

​Alycia picked up my profile and took the time to understand my background, experience and desired placements.

Within 2 weeks with Alycia, I was placed with what I would call a dream role within a dream company.

If I could have a do-over, I'd change nothing.

​With more than 5 years of experience at Aspire, April is the expert behind recruiting into Marketing and Digital Media spaces. She recently successfully placed candidate Jay Cunanan at Spotify and here's what he has to say:

"April is one of the best that I came across with in helping me connect with the right network and ultimately land a great position in a great company [Spotify]. Her main strength lies in her personal approach. She asked great questions and listened intently in order to understand me and tailor options accordingly. She's been really great in understanding my career goals and carefully matched it with the right opportunity. She's great in communicating the role, further allowing me to adapt my approach in order to achieve success and secure a great position. It's also great to work with her since she has a very positive and cheerful personality. My interactions with her have all been nothing but pleasant. I would definitely recommend April to anyone looking for an outstanding level of recruitment consultancy service."

​Angelina is a specialist when is comes to recruiting into Sales, Business Development and Account Management. She recently worked with Haymarket and here is what they had to say:

"Angelina is a very diligent recruiter/ head hunter. We had a very specific need for someone on the sales team and we wanted to find a candidate who fitted a set of criteria which are not necessarily easy to find - a young, driven, sales person with a great understanding of financial markets. We were working with multiple agencies, but Angelina was able to provide less candidates but that fitted all the criteria. To myself as the hiring manager, it was great as my time wasn’t spent speaking to candidates who were only partly relevant. Angelina was also very good with following up and making sure the process moved at a good speed, but at no time did we feel rushed to make a decision. Definitely recommend."

Tom Griffin, Head of BDM, Haymarket

​Amira understands her client's personal circumstances prior to speaking them. She has a great way of balancing the client's needs with the candidate's situation beyond their professions which many recruiters tend to overlook most of the time. Amira produces win-win results to both clients and candidates. Excellent partner to work with.

​Alycia was fantastic throughout the whole job-hunting process – she’s always engaged and upbeat, and was very encouraging and supportive. She took the time to get to know me as a person as well as what I wanted professionally, which led to her placing me in a great role which is the perfect next step in my career. It was a real pleasure working with her!

​Alycia is a diligent and efficient consultant. I was most impressed by her timely follow ups and in-depth knowledge of the industry and the thorough details of the position presented. I would definitely recommend Alycia to anyone who is keen to explore further opportunities from her field of expertise.

​The Aspire team were quick, efficient and patient throughout our hunt for the perfect candidate. I would highly recommend them - they definitely made our lives easier!

​Sophia Holmans is a specialist consultant who connects talent and leading companies in the Marketing space. She recently successfully placed a job candidate, Derren Ang, at BBC and here's what he had to say:

"Sophia has been really helpful and resourceful in the pursuit of my position. She frequently updated me on the application process and managed to negotiate better terms on my behalf, for which I am very grateful for. I strongly recommend her to any potential job-seekers who are interested in positions in the media industry!"

​My experience with April was a positive and enjoyable one. I found April to be professional and willing to listen, and consider, what I was looking for in a job. She showed a good understanding of skills and experiences I have had and how they could relate to the role I was being considered for. I would certainly work with April again in the future as an employer or a candidate.

​If it weren't for April, I don't know what I'd be doing now but I know I wouldn't be as happy as I am! She spent over an hour and a half with me to understand what I wanted, what I was good at, what my interests were. When she found a role she thought would be perfect, I was hesitant because it was out of my comfort zone. She gave me the extra nudge I needed & it turned out to be the perfect job for me. I am incredibly grateful to April for being so fantastic & pairing me with my perfect job!

Asha is a specialist recruiter in the Creative and Design fields, with 3 years experience in helping people get their dream job. She recently successfully placed Mei Tan at UX Designer, who gave a glowing review of her experience working with Asha:

"Asha is a highly professional and capable individual, and one of the best in recruitment I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She’s dedicated, knowledgeable and goes the extra mile for her clients and candidates.

Most impressive is her responsiveness and personal approach - getting to the core of my career interests and goals, surfacing the right opportunity and adeptly guiding it through to completion.

I would not hesitate to work with her again in the future."

​Jacqueline, a senior consultant at our Singapore office, has spent many years helping those in the technology fields to find their perfect role.

She values a personal approach to recruiting, believing that the candidate's satisfaction comes above any corporate quota. This was recognized recently by the candidate Jasper Blue, who gave testimony to her skill as a recruiter:

“Jacqueline is an unusually talented recruitment consultant, and approaches her work with a great deal of integrity. In an industry that sometimes favors short-term outcomes over win-win connections, Jacqueline stands out as an someone who puts a lot of effort into making genuine placements. She does this by putting an immense effort into getting to know her clients and candidates, and building long-term relationships. She places her compassion for people above the opportunity for short-term profit.”

​Sophia is an experienced consultant who recruits into the Marketing field. Recently, she helped Amit Ingleshwar secure a fantastic role at Yesler, an independent B2B marketing agency.

Here's what he had to say on his experience:

'I had a great experience working with Sophia from Aspire Singapore team while I was pursuing a new employment opportunity.

It was a pleasure interacting with Sophia right from the initial screening call through the closure. During the initial phase, Sophia took the time to meet up with me in person and to understand what I was looking for in a new opportunity – which she mapped out to the job description. She kept the communication channels open as we went through multiple rounds of interview and was quick to provide feedback after each round. Sophia also provided my comments and feedback to the hiring team which helped me a great deal in communicating my expectations. I felt that overall interview process and communication back and forth was seamless.

I enjoyed working with Sophia and – as a candidate – I would recommend her and Aspire without hesitation.'

​Daniel is a consultant who specialises in tech sales. He always sets out to find the perfect candidate for the role, and the perfect role for the candidate.

Recently, he placed Claudia Seah at Rackspace Business Development. She provided Daniel with a fantastic testimonial relating to their work together:

“Daniel is a truly exceptional person. He has a sharp eye for hidden strengths in people and is powerfully sincere in his encouragements.

He is extremely amiable, charismatic and a good relator. Throughout our engagement, he has shared valuable insights into the tech and sales industry.

He treated my thoughts and perspectives with [a] huge amount of respect and knew exactly how I could fit well in the company.

Definitely recommending this ball of good vibes to anyone looking to kick-start a career in tech!”

​Daniel successfully placed candidate Linus Lee at Rackspace recently and here's what he has to say:

“I knew Daniel in his capacity as a recruiter. From the onset, he brings a special presence to a room. Daniel is clearly very articulate, a hustler and most importantly, a listener. These qualities convinced me to put a great deal of trust in him. During the recruitment process, he will promptly relay messages so that I’d be informed on the various stages.”

Linus Lee, Inside Sales Representative at Rackspace

​A specialist consultant in all things creative and design, Asha has spent the last 2+ years matching stand out candidates with leading companies.

She recently worked with MOI Global and this is what they had to say about her:

"Having worked with a couple of recruitment agencies, I have to say that Asha is one of the best in the business.

She's very thorough, reliable and followed up consistently even after the hire (unlike other agencies). She's quick to respond, very attentive and understands our challenges in order to find a suitable talent solution.

I appreciate her professionalism and dedication which is a breath of fresh air in the local recruiting industry."

​Looking for sales opportunities in Hong Kong? Need a sales wizard to join your team? Angelina recently worked with PEI Media to build their team and this is what they had to say...

"Angelina was terrific in helping to find a suitable sales person for my team.

She was pro-active, very good at listening to our requirements, understood the market we were in, and was extremely professional. She would update me constantly and would respond promptly to any questions I had.

I would definitely recommend Angelina for anyone's hiring needs, especially within sales."

Andrew Adamson, Senior BDM, PEI Media

​Alycia is a dedicated and insightful consultant, who helped me find my current role at Imagination. She was really committed to finding me a role that would be a great match on both a professional and personal level. Taking time to get to know me & giving me useful advice along the way. She effortlessly balances being a true professional and an amazingly friendly person, which makes it very easy to trust and work with her. And she delivered on her promises! I can't imagine her doing anything less on her business client-side too.

​Starting with just 2 roles, Jacqueline, Asha and Aspire have now handled 8+ roles for Zinier.

Here's what they had to say about working with Aspire:

"I joined our startup as the first Product hire and one of the first challenges I faced was building up the Product and UX Design teams without an HR function in our Singapore office. This combined with an already thin talent pool in SEA proved to be quite a challenge.

We explored and on-boarded a handful of agencies to help meet our staffing demands but Aspire quickly became our preferred agency.

Jacqueline, Asha and Aspire replace quantity with quality and the care they put into their curated list of candidates show in our hiring funnel.

Our success rate has been fantastic; we've managed to close 4 PM/UX designer hires in less than 5 months with a few more offers sent out. Because of the trust and rapport we have built working together, they have gone from handling 2 roles to now handling 8+ roles for us across multiple functions.

If I'm looking to hire or if someone I know is looking to be placed in a creative tech role, Aspire is the first call I make."

George Lang, Director of Product Management, Zinier

​Daniel is a consultant who specializes in tech sales. He has built up solid relationships with clients across the globe, and helped candidates find the perfect role for them.

Recently, he placed Vinod Kummar at Rackspace Business Development, in the role of Enterprise Account Executive. Subsequently, he provided Daniel with a fantastic testimonial relating to their work together:

“I met Daniel when he reached out to me for a role at an MNC he was recruiting for.

His communication, articulation and downright coverage of the entire process was amazing.

It was truly a pleasure working with Daniel and I had no issue putting my trust in him.

He was able to prep me at various stages and kept me in the loop during every stage with his timely feedback.

Simply a great guy to work with!”

​"Alycia is a very efficient consultant who helped throughout my hiring process, she is able to identify the right company and role to work with and manage the entire interview process very well. This includes overall negotiation skills, which she's very capable at. Thanks for all the help Alycia, I am very happy about my current employer."

​"Sophia is very engaging, trustworthy, and dependable.

She has a wealth of experience in the recruiting field, so she has contacts in many of the right places to assist people at all levels.

From my personal experience, I would say she is definitely a recruiter you want on your side!"

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