​In the short time we have been operating in Dubai we have seen more applications to our jobs than we see in our other geographies. While it is clear that Dubai is an attractive location for candidates to want to move to and work in, the volume was really surprising. The population of Dubai has increased by 50% over the past decade and is expected to almost double by 2040. What is turning this modern city into the go-to location for ex-pats?

Firstly, when we consider the work opportunities in Dubai it is easy to see the charm. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies relocated their headquarters from Asia to Dubai making it a real hub for large businesses. With this comes opportunities and a variety of different roles.

In addition to established businesses, a lot of technology start-ups are launching in Dubai, especially in the FinTech and SaaS spaces. For years journalists have been looking for where the next Silicon Valley will be, and we may have just found the answer. The government of the United Arab Emirates is really catering to entrepreneurs, creating a society where their ideas can thrive and succeed. This is causing a lot of exciting new businesses to start life in Dubai.

One of the other areas that are really beginning to boom in Dubai is the creative industry. The blossoming sector there means that creatives have a blank canvas to work with, meaning that candidates are able to move to the UAE and advance their careers quickly. It has created somewhat of a big bang that is letting creatives come, work, innovate and generate really great things.

Outside of work, Dubai is an incredible place to live. Being in the Middle East it really is just that, in the middle. It is a great global location for Asians, Africans, Americans and Europeans with flights back to visit friends and family not as cumbersome as they would be if you moved to the other side of the world. It is partly because of this that the UAE have nationals from over 200 different countries living in harmony. This globalisation allows whoever moves there to find whatever subculture that they want to be a part of and feel at home quickly while allowing you to sample and experience the world all at your doorstep. The government is encouraging this expansion with a straightforward visa system that allows candidates to emigrate with ease.

Salaries in the UAE tend to be higher than in other cities but that does not mean that prices become overly inflated. Your dirham can go a long way. You can live life to the max or spend the minimum in Dubai and in either case, your reward for working in Dubai means you can live very happily.

The city is quickly becoming the centre of world events with sport, entertainment and culture all readily available in Dubai. Add in the weather, the beach and the ease of travelling to middle eastern countries it is no wonder why Dubai is so popular for candidates.

If you are interested in relocating to Dubai, or currently live in the city and are considering a new role then view our live jobs.

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