​​What happened?

The events sector has come such a long way, having adapted to and overcome so many challenges. The upward trend in virtual events not only saved businesses but brought with them more opportunities and ways to connect with people like never before, as well as the new ease of all digital sign-ups.

What now?

In 2023, we settle into different ways of working, a mixture of remote and on-site. Clients, colleagues, and customers are happy to meet face-to-face and so exhibitions and live events have made a return for the better. In fact, the events sector is experiencing a real boom as it continues to ramp up while other sectors seem to have been hit by layoffs and economic downturns. As the tech industry is experiencing layoffs by the thousands, the conference and tradeshow space is flourishing like never before, and a lot of our clients are hiring across all departments as they focus on growing their existing events and launching new projects as well.

So what’s the issue?

In simple terms, there is a talent shortage in the events sector with more job opportunities and fewer experienced professionals. When the pandemic first hit, a lot of people in the events industry were looking to exit to a more “stable and recession-proof” sector, as there were a lot of layoffs and the fear that the industry would not bounce back anytime soon was certainly in the air.

What do employers need to do?

Now that the sector has pivoted its strategies to cater to both remote and in-person, it’s a very exciting space to work in. In order to attract candidates to work in events, help candidates consider the benefits that are offered.

So why should candidates be interested?

It's flexible – An events role can work around them. Whether it is a part-time contract or a full-time position, there are a variety of roles and types of events, meaning they can work for those that accommodate their lifestyle. Even if that may mean alongside another role or studies.

It's collaborative – If they enjoy working with people, this is a great sector for them. Together with your team they can create something special for an audience and work together as a team to create something larger-than-life.

It's rewarding – Rather than selling or marketing a product, you are creating an experience. The opportunity to see your hard work come to life, bringing people together in an exciting environment is one of the most rewarding aspects of a career in events.

It's versatile – Events roles can vary in type that includes sales, marketing, operations, production, etc. The possibilities are endless, so transferrable skills are valued.

It lets you travel – Domestic or international. An events role is a great chance to see new places and meet exciting new people with networking at its core.

As you know this is just the beginning of what your candidates can expect from an events career. We’re on hand to support you in growing your team with brilliant talent

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