​How is hiring and job searching for technology?

Technical roles involving languages such as React, Java, Python, etc are more difficult to fill at the moment. These candidates are in short supply and incredibly in demand. One candidate can have multiple, sometimes even ten different interviews at once. It then becomes tougher for employers to consider who is perfect for the role, whereas developers have the pick of the bunch for where they want to go. The tech market can move so quickly, they can secure a new role in a short period of time, sometimes as short as the same week. Therefore, those business leaders who are growing their tech talent need to act fast and appeal to what their proposed candidates are looking for.

What tech knowledge do employers look for in the perfect developer?
  1. Back-end language – working with the internal workings of a software.

  • PHP

  • Python

  • Ruby

  • C# (C Sharp)

  • Java

  • Node (related to JavaScript)

  1. Front-end frameworks – building what the users see. (All fall under JavaScript, but JavaScript can be used on its own)

  • JavaScript


  • CSS

  • ES6

  • React

  • Angular

  • Vue

  • TypeScript

  1. Full-stack Developer – A combination of front end and back end development.

  2. Cloud Technology - Integrating systems, making them more secure or run quicker. Cloud technology is where the information is stored, instead of on-premise servers or on your computer, it is stored on the internet and you can access it from anywhere. Examples include Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS or Azure.

  3. APIs Application Programming Interface - Connects the back end to the front end of the software including add ons and third-party programs.

  4. SQL - The database that powers the software, it holds information such as contacts, credit card information, or previous search history.

What can developers do to build their experience?

Developers with limited experience can complete an array of online courses, this can be personal projects or professional. Being proactive and wanting to learn how to use or work with these technologies or frameworks is advantageous. Some companies are also quite happy to teach developers how to use technologies, therefore a fast-learner can go far. Developers can also build up a portfolio of work on a code repository such as Github.

How can employers appeal to technology candidates?

Providing flexibility and remote working can be appealing. This is key going forward in a job market where candidates have the choice to choose roles that are better suited. Work-life balance is valued by developers which can be difficult to manage when nearing completion and deadline dates.

Due to the pandemic, many developers have had stagnant roles. They are now looking for that next move in their career which has recently been delayed. They are eager to step up and progress with their employer if possible. A clear career ladder and progression reviews would be positive for retaining talented employees.

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