​"​I think that’s a really valuable skill but also taking on a bank that’s three, four, five million customers and turning it into a 10 or 20 million customer bank and getting to profitability and IPOing it, I think those are huge exciting challenges, just honestly not ones that I found that I was interested in or particularly good at" - techcrunch.com

Leaders of start-ups are usually massively confident, bordering on arrogance as they set out to conquer the world. The belief is that nothing can stand in the way of their unicorn as they move to billionaire status and leadership of a global corporation.

But in Tom Blomfield we find an entrepreneur who is self aware, understands what he not only enjoys but what he excels at. As importantly what he doesn't enjoy or as he says is not particularly good at.

It's really tough having a dream, being part of a team that creates an idea and proves the concept but won't be there for the whole journey. Another key challenge is maintaining the values of the business as it gathers investment and corporate shareholders demanding growth and returns. From knowing everyone's name to being introduced to your own employees.

Some love it, many don't. Good luck Tom, Monzo is a great service.

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