​If there is one universal truth about human psychology, it is that we love being surrounded by people who think just like us. The Ancient Greeks called it "homophily" which means "love of the same". It was Plato who warned "birds of a feather flock together". - BBC

Organizations that are diverse and inclusive are 83% more innovative.


Because diversity of employees means that you get different views. People see things differently whether they are disabled, neurodiverse, ethnically or gender diverse or are of different sexual orientations and religious beliefs.

Surround yourself with people who think like you and guess what? The problem is that too many hiring managers recruit people they like. Those selection processes that include meet the team in a social environment pander to the bias of those making the selection decision. I know this is a fact - we used to do it, and looking back it was stupid.

When I look across Aspire we have a high-performance culture and there are no clones. People from diverse backgrounds can demonstrate similar behaviors in different ways. They can achieve the same levels of high performance regardless of their background. Aspire is not perfect and we have clear goals to improve diversity such as recruiting disabled and older employees and I am confident that the more we all embrace and commit to diversity and unshackling our bias, we will all be more successful and happy.

So Gareth, bring it home or if you are reading this after July 11th, 2021, did he?

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