​​​It's week 4 of our 'Women in Leadership' campaign where we interviewed seven women leaders at Aspire to empower career-ambitious women around the world.

Whether you've never been a manager before, you want to progress to the next stage, or you're curious about how these women have become successful in a similar field to you, follow the campaign so you can hear their best advice.

Why is Aspire supporting Women in Leadership?

These personal accounts aim to advise other women who aspire to be on similar paths. The individual interviews will be published in small booklets that people can download from our website. Each week, beginning with International Women's Day on 8th March, we will release another interview, showing our support and raising awareness for IWD for a total of seven weeks.

​Week 4:

​Meet our HR Business Partner for Gumtree UK, Charlotte Heard

Charlotte has been at Aspire as an outsourced HR Business Partner for two years now but has worked in HR for over five years. She has worked in both SMEs and multinational corporations over her career, giving a real vibrancy to the experience that has shaped her professional outlook. Charlotte shares her best advice on claiming your confidence, managing team culture, and more.