​​Twelve years ago, graduates faced similar anxiety when the global financial crisis threw much of the world into recession. Banks collapsed, businesses went under, and millions of people lost their jobs. - BBC

I remember Summer 2008 vividly.

I had secured a job in finance recruitment, working in the heart of the city, and I had one last exam to take, before starting my new job in September. The firm where I ultimately, didn't start my career, boasted that they were one of Lehman Brothers' top suppliers. I rejoined hundreds of thousands of people looking for a new role and ultimately found my niche. 

I don't envy the class of 2020, but there are lessons to learn from this, and opportunities to progress too.

Don't panic. 2008 wasn't the end of the world; 2020 won't be either. This week, at Aspire we have seen a real uptick in graduate roles; the perception is that the class of 2020 will be more adaptable, harder working and able to onboard remotely, and if we need subsequent lockdowns we will be able to adapt to having completed their studies remotely.

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