​​We register hundreds of hungry salespeople every month but there are certain types of skills that perk up our ears and can get you noticed over other candidates. I’ve shared my top three sales skills that every top salesperson should have. Have you got the ‘Power of Three’?

  1. Sell your ability

When you’re conversing with your recruiter it can often feel like an informal catch-up. Making you feel comfortable with expressing yourself is a special power of ours, so it can feel more like a friendly conversation. However, by taking a minute beforehand to plan how you will bring your CV to life and share your passion for the industry, you can show us how good you are at selling ‘why you?’ After all, people buy into people. This means they buy into you before they consider your service or product.


  1. Ask the right questions

Be one step ahead. Be inquisitive. Be clever. It’s not okay to just have the ‘gift of the gab’ if you’re not asking the right questions. Before you approach someone, do some research to know who you’re speaking to and think about what you want to find out. While you might start asking them about the weather, you could be probing them on things that lead you to understand their needs so eventually, you can offer them solutions.


  1. Be accountable

Avoid promising the world, instead be honest and transparent as there’s nothing worse than being unable to deliver. There’s nothing worse than someone who babbles their way through a conversation and doesn’t follow through. Bring in your professionalism by sticking to your word. The best salesperson can have an engaging conversation and come up with their own sell. The way you find this comes down to consistency. The more you do something, the better you are at navigating yourself through each barrier that you’re presented with. So keep making those calls and eventually you’ll figure out your sales flair.

I hope these three skills remind you to plan before you sell, do your research, and prepare your probe questions while creating a warm repertoire with whoever you’re speaking to. Don’t forget that should also collaborate with your recruiter because we will be your spokesperson to your potential next employer. Impress your recruiter and we’ll make sure we convey just how brilliant you are.

Let’s meet! We look forward to hearing about your strengths and representing you for your next sales job.

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