​Some people complained it is sexist for a man to give his wife an exercise bike for Christmas, as it suggested he wanted her to lose weight.

Peleton must be laughing their legs off. Their latest rather unimpressive ad full of logical flaws is being panned by those who somehow are so miserable with their lives, they find it offensive. It's trending on BBC news so everyone is looking to see the ad and who Peleton is.  

Sales will spike.

Apparently buying any sort of exercise equipment for a woman is deemed sexist, even if the model in the ad is clearly not considered in need of weight loss. So don't buy him deodorant or her perfume as they might think you think they smell. Don't buy them any books as they may think that you consider them illiterate. Don't buy a cookbook as you are maybe insinuating they can't cook. Don't buy them clothes as you may be suggesting they dress badly. Don't buy 'him' a drill or DIY kit as it may be deemed sexist. But back to the ad.

The product, Peleton, is a major investment at £2k to pay for a gift without being sure the recipient is going to use it.  So her surprise is certainly a surprise. "Oh honey I really need something to exercise more on, make it a surprise" The idea that you then spend the following Christmas reviewing all the users' rides is ridiculous. What is worse is that they haven't put the product or its features at the heart of the ad. It's entirely based on one person being grateful for changing their 'life' so it's an emotional sell but without any obvious gain visible to the viewer. It should be panned for just being a rubbish ad.

If their strategy was to target those consumers who find everything offensive, unfair, and hate positive images in the hope they would rise up and complain - bingo, it's worked.

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