​​Confidence breeds success. Are you as confident (and successful) as you can be?

I've recently been watching YouTube videos on the state of our parliament and why the likes of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are not exactly the most liked. Yet, they are very popular. Why? Their confidence in their power, that's why. While you may not be the best at everything (not to mention our controversial MPs), this list of techniques to help you feel confident can do more than just lift your spirits. 

Many of these pointers refer to our mental well-being and positive thinking. It really does begin and end with YOU! 

My tip is to be the person you would like to meet.

Would they be polite?

Would they dress in a particular way?

Would they have certain habits?

What would they do to prepare for a career progression? 

Think about this person, and be the better you, for a successful career. 

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