​Talk about talent and diligence! Jacqueline Tan, aka Jac, our Singapore-based consultant specialising in the Tech scene is one of a kind. We sat down with her to learn more about why she enjoys working with Techies and her experience recruiting for the Tech scene in Singapore and SEA.

Talk about talent and diligence! Jacqueline Tan, aka Jaq, our Singapore-based consultant specialised in the Tech scene is one of a kind. We sat down with her to learn more about why she enjoys working with Techies and her experience in the Tech scene in Singapore.

Aspire: Hi Jac! It's been seven months into the role as a Consultant specialised in Tech, what has the journey been like?

It has been amazing! It has been so fun meeting Software Engineers, Heads of Engineering, Product Managers and so on. I feel so privileged to be a part of it all - to be able to consult companies that have so much potential and are changing the way we live our everyday lives: how we hail taxis, how we shop and see the doctor and how we order food!

Changes are always happening and they are going through a phase in life - It's a lifetime "customer journey" that I'm proud to be a part of!

"Very little can beat the feeling when you help someone get his/her dream job and see the potential in them before they even realise it!"

Aspire: What kind of roles do you enjoy working on and why?

I enjoy Product roles as they are very young in the Singapore market - many are trying to define what it really means and how to add value, so I enjoy qualifying with clients to get more insights into why they need it.

Aspire: What excites you about interviewing product candidates?

Product candidates that I have met are typically very driven and hungry. They know the role is young so they don’t mind spending the time to see how much they can grow, which is what I appreciate!

I have recently placed an ex-Google product candidate in a high-potential start up. To be able to help with someone's transition from a huge corporation like Google into a much smaller, but high-potential StartUp in Singapore is an achievement itself.

It goes to show how much this landscape will expand and how much we need good product talents!

Aspire: How has the industry changed in the past year?

Just like in anything in life, even Tech has trends! People are moving towards certain languages - functional programming more holistically and there is more emphasis on proficiency in certain languages. Now companies tend to look at how proficient candidates are in certain languages, for instance, there has been an increasing demand for high proficiency in many of the JavaScript frameworks.You have to be able to pick things up quickly.

"Outstanding candidates aren't limited to languages that they use but are able to understand the logic behind certain languages and also the business logic of it all."

Aspire: This is an important one ;) What do you love about working at Aspire?

We have fun without compromising on what needs to be done!

Everyone is focused, hungry and driven - I love that I have people in the team that I can look up to and emulate and ASPIRE ;) to achieve their level of professionalism one day. I love our commitment to setting the standards of recruitment - we don't compromise on understanding our candidates and truly understanding our client's needs. I'm also proud that we deliver and we're always honest!

Aspire: Give us a J.Tan fun fact!

When I'm stressed, I like to find a corner in the office and dance it off!