Case study.

The Trade Desk is the fastest growing demand-side platform in the industry. They were a new client for Aspire and before working with us they had no experience using recruitment agencies and had always relied on their network for their hiring needs.

What were their issues?

The Trade Desk works in a very niche market which narrows the pool of suitable candidates to a select few. Because they are a start-up they were expanding very quickly without the talent to manage this growth and originally asked for our help to fill one role, although ultimately they needed a whole team.

What was the solution I offered and subsequently delivered?

The Trade Desk had no experience building a team in Asia and had no idea where to start the process. The business was expanding rapidly and they had no employees to keep up with the growth. To ensure their issues were addressed with full commitment and to provide the quickest and easiest solution to their problem I offered a hire – our high-impact recruitment exercise, which is a free service we offer to our clients working with us on an exclusive basis.

We agreed to work with The Trade Desk on an exclusive basis for one role and if we were successful we would continue as their sole recruitment agency.

They decided to use our hire and came to our offices to interview the candidates. Within one week I provided a shortlist of 5 candidates for the hiring manager to interview within the allotted time frame.

After the interviews 4/5 were selected for 2nd round interviews at the client’s office. Of those four, three went were successful and moved to the final stages – which involved three more rounds of meetings with the global team.

How did Aspire do this?

Throughout the process Aspire managed both the client and candidate interview schedules, negotiations, and concerns with different offices and time zones throughout the world. With constant communication from both parties, Aspire was able to understand and empathize to ensure everyone was informed and invested in the process.

In the end, all three were hired for various roles. The hire was originally meant to fill one job opening. In the end Aspire was able to build The Trade Desk’s initial Singapore team which stemmed from the short 2-hour interview span.

Since then, Aspire is now the sole recruitment agency for The Trade Desk and we are currently on the hunt to fill two more positions.

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