Case study.

Gini is an award-winning FinTech startup based in Hong Kong. Formed in early 2016, Gini has already won My Favourite Solution Award and Bronze Award in the Citi HK Fintech Challenge 2017 with its vision of a secure, user-friendly and smart FinTech knowledge and technology.

The Gini app links users’ bank accounts into one app. It is an innovative tool which helps track spending and saves money with tailored deals from brands.

Gini is run like a Silicon Valley startup, with a strong emphasis on personal autonomy, less top-down management and more concerns for employees’ wellbeing.

Aspire has been working with Gini since the beginning of 2017, first helping them find the CTO, then helping them build their tech team and their Digital Marketing Manager.


  • Gini first started with a big dream and a small team. The three founders started Gini, working in the corner of another firm's office.

  • Gini had no finished product, no money and no staff. None of the founders was heavily involved in the tech community.

  • The No.1 challenge was to find the right CTO to lead and to build the tech team as quickly as possible.

  • Gini needed a CTO, a Developer and a Digital Marketing Manager.

  • Although Gini had previously tried to locate candidates on their own, they decided against the idea quite quickly as they understood how strategically important this role was and needed professional help.

  • Aspire was recommended by another startup to Gini. Our experienced Tech Desk first focused on sourcing the CTO role exclusively and then later, the Developer role, while our Content Desk focused on the Digital Marketing Manager role.

  • Aspire provided a high-touch service, visiting Gini's founders face-to-face or arranging calls regularly to understand the company culture and the role requirements.

Key Objective

Find the right CTO, Developer and Digital Marketing Manager in a set time period.


  • Aspire filled the CTO role within one month.

  • Aspire also found the right digital marketing manager and developer for Gini.

  • Gini was very satisfied with the service provided and we are happy to have helped an exciting Fintech like Gini in a crucial time.

  • The partnership has been strengthened between Aspire and Gini. Aspire are excited and happy to act as a brand ambassador of Gini's and to introduce a supportive startup working environment to our candidates.

Challenges And How We Overcame Them

  • Paint a picture with vision and potential - with no name, no product and not much information on the Internet, Aspire had to understand and represent our client's vision ​

  • The scarcity of talent within this particular industry – Hong Kong is short of good tech talents who are willing to build something and grow with the company. But with a solid pool of engaged candidates, we were capable to deliver good results in a professional and speedy manner.

Why This Case Is Unique

  • A model with benefits for both parties via mutual exclusivity. ​

  • The speedy placements demonstrated our extensive candidate network and our knowledge and experience in the Tech startup industry.

Testimonial ​

"If you’re looking for someone who wants to work exclusively or semi-exclusively as a partner, we find no one better than Aspire. It is because they’re willing to put the energy and time in, to understand your needs.

What differentiates Aspire from other recruiters is the high-touch approach. There were more phone calls and more face-to-face meetings. This reflects the success and the number of placements from Aspire. ​

Other recruiters just tried to collect as many people and CVs as possible and push them quite strongly. But after the first one or two candidates, the Aspire team already understood what we wanted. ​

To be thinking like a partnership, this is the main reason we do so much with Aspire!”

Ray Wyand – CEO and Co-founder of


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