​​BAME, like “black” and “coloured’ before it, was doomed to fail because it’s impossible to distill centuries of history and culture into a handy acronym. - The Guardian

As a white British person I have no experience of having to consider how my 'ethnicity' should be represented.

Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic - BAME - has been used to group people together. Of course, there are many strands to ethnicity and it's helpful to have a common and accepted phrase or word to describe a group. 

In the US, 'people of color' is a commonly used term that is often seen as disrespectful in the UK, due to the historic use of the word color.

68% of people currently classified as BAME would be happy with 'Ethnic Minority' as an umbrella term, so maybe it's time to move to what the clear majority prefer.

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