​​The three months to September saw the biggest quarterly increase on record, as retail sales volumes increased by 17.4% when compared with the previous three months - BBC

You can be forgiven for thinking the world is coming to an end. Everything is wrong and getting worse, all we hear about is Covid, Covid, Covid! The government can't do anything right. Too much lockdown, not enough lockdown, too much financial support, not enough financial support. 

Meanwhile, business confidence is low, unemployment rising, the high street is deserted and shops are closed.

Yet retail sales are booming! Retail sales include online. The high street has no lasting right to exist. People want ease and convenience and that points to online shopping. To visit a high street there needs to be something special to visit. Artisan stores or high value goods are most likely to draw you in. Strong retail sales is good for some sectors of employment. Not necessarily high street retailers but in eCommerce. Paid search, paid social, SEO, biddable, activation, design, technology are all jobs that continue to show high demand.

We need to re-train people and use transferable skills to support our growing eCommerce industry and allow the high street to evolve into something different.

You can read the original article here - BBC