​We know that companies, big and small, are making huge changes to the way that they are working at the moment. For recruitment, these changes mean hiring managers and recruiters are moving to video interviews as an alternative to face-to-face interviews.

Aspire has since introduced a video interviewing platform, which is being used as we speak, to capture key questions and answers between employers and prospective employees. So, let’s tell you more…

What is the benefit of using a video interviewing platform?

It’s a quick and easy way to send job vacancies, screen candidates and conduct non-traditional interviews, all in one place.

Both parties can either have live interviews or send sharing links to videos when they are ready, completely remote.

How does video interviewing work?

Once we advertise your job vacancy, we can send a video about the role to prospective candidates and receive CV’s for interest.

We can share candidate profiles with you directly within the platform so you can easily decide whether to progress them to the next stage.

You can set out bespoke questions that they will answer on video, so you can assess whether they are right for the position.

Do I need any specific equipment or tech to hire through video interviewing?

We will send you all the links you need to screen candidates who have applied for your job vacancies.

You’ll only need a webcam facility to take any live interviews, if you choose to do so. The candidate will need the same.

How many candidates can be put through a video interviewing stage?

A great thing about our interview platform is that we can share candidates with you as soon as they apply.

It isn’t a one-time thing, and you can go back to the recordings sent by each candidate, at each stage of the interview.

How quickly can we hire with video interviewing in place?

As soon as we’re briefed for the vacancies you’re hiring for, we can put out a campaign and promote the opportunity to an expert pool of candidates, the rest will happen in a timely fashion, ultimately reducing the amount of time you spend on recruitment.

Start hiring using video interviewing