​How often do you catch yourself telling someone that you’re not very good at something? “I am not good at sales,” “I am not a runner,” - I’ll bet if you tell people you aren’t a runner, one thing you probably never do is run. Then there is the “I wish I could sell, or be a runner, but I’m just not.”

You wouldn’t tell your friend or partner they’re bad at something over and over again, so why do we tell ourselves that? And how much does it limit us in ways we probably don’t even realise? Below is a blog I wrote on this subject and I want to share it with you as it may help you look at sales with a new perspective.

The lie we tell ourselves.

I often talk to people who say, “I can’t sell” or “sales is just not for me.” I want to let you in on a little secret… we’re all born with the ability to ‘sell,’ in fact we’re all selling something every day, so much that we don’t even notice it.

Not convinced?

Imagine this; You’re at home, or work and you ask your friend, partner, colleague to make you a cup of tea and they say no. I’ll bet you’ll automatically start convincing them why they should make you a cup of tea, or how making this tea will benefit them so they’ll do it. Sound familiar?

I bet some of you can relate, or perhaps I just need more friends who will willingly make me a cup of tea…

We can apply it to almost anything.

Think about that fantastic restaurant, bar, gym class or perhaps even that app you discovered that you don’t know how you lived without before. How many people have you told about these amazing experiences and insisted on why they must try it for themselves? It’s like without even noticing, you’ve become a salesperson for that shop, bar, café, and I bet you’re a great one because you truly recommend it, and that makes you naturally passionate when you’re talking about it. People can see that, and they want that feeling too.

We’re all salespeople whether we like it or not.

The decision we can make though is on what we’re selling, and what is going to make us excellent at getting others onboard too is about whether or not we believe in what we’re selling.

I know myself, and many other people in sales I speak to were attracted to this path because we particularly love interacting and connecting with people, and if we’re good at showing someone how they can add value to their life, why wouldn’t we want to? So, the main challenge is just in finding what you back, then I believe you can be unstoppable.

I’m not only talking about in a career either.

You don’t need to be in Sales to relate.

Essentially, everyday you’re selling your personal brand in some way. Be it a job interview or on in a group of friends, back yourself or your cause and see what happens…

Sales techniques and learning the steps of sales are all fantastic tools to strengthen this notion, for now all you need to think about is PASSION!

So stop fearing ‘selling’… you won’t become pushy, it is just sharing something you believe in with someone else. When you do this with passion, people will buy into you and what you are selling.

How cool is that?

“When you speak with passion, people buy you and what you are selling!”