​​For almost one in five workers, having a conversation about their salary with a colleague could be more than uncomfortable, it could get them fired, according to a study.

For most of us, it really does feel taboo to ask, or even know what salary our colleagues earn. Quite understandably, this has mixed reactions. 

Would we carry a judgement based on pay if someone less experienced, or even someone doing the same role as you, were on a higher income? 

It would be natural to feel uncomfortable, right? It's not all negative though. When it comes to your personal career development, knowing what you could earn if you progressed within your role would be motivating for many. 

When it comes to salary, it could be very personal. But if you want to ensure you're getting the salary that you deserve, there are tools out there to help. Take a look at the Aspire Salary Guide for Marketing, Digital, Sales, Content, Design, Events, Data and Market Research roles.