​Kantar unveiled its 2019 predictions here.

Voice technology will break through in creative planning and the marketing mix.

Nope. I will repeat that marketers allocated only 2% of their media budgets to voice this year. Score: 0/1.

Chinese leadership in social media and social media analytics will be ‘fast-followed’ by the west.

Following its launch outside China more than two years ago, TikTok has now gained nearly 1.5 billion users. The mobile application is especially popular with Generation Z. Meanwhile, western countries are increasingly worried about whether TikTok is or had been collecting personal information and sending it to China. Score: 1/1.

​It's that time of year when the media ask the great and the good for their predictions regarding trends for 2020.

Well hats off to Kantar for getting some right. A research business that has the insight in which to predict. They also got some wrong, which just shows, that regardless of the data, and your analysis skills, predicting the future isn't easy.

It's why I have huge respect for market researchers and the growing army of data analysts. It's all very well collecting data, interrogating it to make sense of it is something else, and just why those skills are in such demand. It's also a key discipline that Aspire helps our clients recruit.

I'm looking for Market Research and Data Talent.

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