​It can be difficult to stay ahead but with these tips, you'll keep going and keep getting better in no time...

Keep analysing

There’s no better advice to improve your game than to keep looking back at what you’ve done, what you haven’t done, and perhaps others have, and most importantly why it did or didn’t work.

You can analyse timings of social media posts, wordings of subject lines, or the conversion rate after an event.

Keep failing

If we haven’t failed at what we do, we haven’t challenged ourselves enough.

Coach and Consultant, Amish Mehta is just one of many who believe failure can be the best teacher. It helps us value the things that have worked or enjoyed and gives us the courage to do better, armoured with the insight of things to avoid next time round.

Keep in touch after events

By going to networking events you’re able to see exactly what other Marketing professionals have done to do better their game.

The important thing is to keep in touch with those that caught your eye. It might be for personal career advice or a specific type of marketing that they’ve recently taken part in. Stay loyal and in contact. For example, send them a tweet, connect with them on LinkedIn.

Keep up with trends

It’s much easier as a child, teenager and even in your twenties, to keep up with new trends. The likelihood is that new apps, games or new series will get passed around playgrounds or lectures.

While working, it’s very easy for us to get so busy that we don’t have time to venture outside of what we do and learn something different.

Unilever’s CEO Keith Weed suggests “Marketers need to be curious. Curious about the world, and particularly curious about consumers and trends”. So, even if your strategy works, new and different is what catches people’s eyes whether it’s your consumers, or your interviewer that you’re talking to.

Keep momentum

From digital strategies to everyday skills, the minimum you can do is to keep going.

When it comes to a presence online, continually updating your content gives your website kudos for being up-to-date and relevant. With your personal skills, always staying aware and being interested in learning will help keep you ticking and learn from mistakes.

Those that are their biggest critic make the best candidates because they always strive for better.