​A dominant online presence is essential today as it enables businesses to extend their reach as well as build their brand. For this reason, digital marketing is one investment that they cannot do without. However, this domain is rife with challenges, with marketing strategy mixing a number of techniques. The cut-throat competition in this sphere complicates it further and getting speedy and effective results is easier said than done.

Businesses need to choose the right team to up their digital marketing game. Marketers, on the other hand, need to have a full range of skills to ensure that they can leverage the power of digital channels to bring the best results for their business. Let’s have a look at the 10 skills that a digital marketer should possess:

1. Ability to plan and strategise

A successful digital marketing campaign is the result of the optimal mix of various digital techniques. For instance, SEO is aimed at achieving higher search rankings with the right keywords, while using social media marketing is meant to extend the social reach for a business website. Similarly, paid advertising can be used to target the audience through paid ads and content marketing in a form of storytelling to engage them. A digital marketer needs to have the ability to plan and design an online strategy that guarantees the best results within a minimum time span.

2. Ability to analyse and interpret

Another crucial skill that marketers require is the ability to analyse and interpret. The use of analytics is a key aspect of a digital campaign as it provides rich insights about the campaign’s performance. For an expert marketer, analytics is much more than a random set of numbers and charts; it enables them to come up with powerful insights that can be used to fine tune their campaigns and guide intelligent business decisions.

3. Good understanding of social media

Since social media is a highly effective online selling channel, marketing professionals need to be well-versed with every social media platform. Someone who is capable of leveraging the power of social platforms can bring instant results for businesses with digital campaigns because of the viral reach these platforms have.

4. Far-sightedness

Far-sightedness is another quality that a successful online marketing professional must have, as it can enable them to visualize the changes that might disrupt the digital scenario in the future. With this approach, they can design future-proof campaigns that can be aligned with any sudden changes across the diverse online channels.

5. Good communication skills

Good communication skills are the hallmark for success in digital marketing. A professional who is capable of listening and conveying meaning well will be capable of understanding the unique requirements that the client’s business has, and at the same time will also be able to convey their perspective to the client.

6. Ability to embrace new technologies

Rapid and constant technological innovation is part and parcel of the digital domain. Technologies such as Big Data, Predictive Analysis, and Machine Learning are just a few of those that have disrupted digital selling in the recent years. Therefore, it is essential for a digital marketing professional to be adaptable enough to embrace new technologies with ease.

7. Team skills

A typical digital marketing campaign ranges from being designed, implemented, and managed by a team of professionals, rather than a single individual. This makes team skills a must-have for every professional who wants to make a mark. There is a need to work in collaboration so that each aspect of the campaign is well-aligned with the rest.

8. Stakeholder management

A digital campaign is a complex project that involves numerous stakeholders with vested interests in the project. As a marketer, you should be able to identify these stakeholders, involve them, and ensure that they contribute towards the success of the campaign.

9. Creativity

Creativity is a trait that can take an online marketer a long way ahead of competitors. People who have the flair for adding a spark to an otherwise typically designed campaign and make it stand apart will go far. Creative ideas, such as using visual content for enhanced engagement, can make all the difference and empower campaigns to bring unprecedented results.

10. Agility

Since the digital domain is susceptible to dynamically changing trends, agility is a skill essential for success. As a professional you should be capable of aligning campaigns rapidly with current trends. A flexible approach would be an added advantage.