​UX Designer is one of the hottest jobs in the Digital world but how to become a stand-out Metro Map UX Designer? Is there a particular career path that one has to follow? The following 6 points will make you an UNIQUE UX Designer:

1. Explore your T Shape


  • define your niche market

  • be unique based on what you have achieved

2. Branch Out

get information from the MARKET

  • make connections

  • exchange ideas

  • be inspired

3. Find your Placement

move FORWARD and achieve GREATER

  • be a role model yourself

  • create a competitive environment

4. Step Up to Mentor

NEW idea is always important!

  • be a mentor of yourself

  • be a mentor of others

  • find a mentor to mentor you

5. Start from Nothing

  • be creative and don't be scared to start from nothing

  • be your OWN Product Manager (build an image)

6. Further Along the Way

  • connect the dots you have already drafted

  • use the existing resources and redirect yourself from time to time

Finally... Remember every UX Desginer has his/ her own style so you can only stand out by staying yourself because personal profile/ experience is irreplaceable.