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Aspire's Interim Model


What Is Our Interim Model?

Our Interim Model allows you to engage with talent on a shorter period of time, which is predominantly required for clients with more project based work. 

When Should You Use It?

Our Interim Model is ideal when you:
  • Need somebody freelance/short term e.g. you need a web designer to work on a short project piece for 3-6 months
  • Need maternity cover
  • Are growing your new team in Singapore and want to take someone on short term, before converting them to perm staff.

What Are The Benefits Of the Freelance model?

Whilst we still manage the entire recruitment process as we would do a perm hire, you still get dedicated service for someone short term.

You can trial out a candidate before making them perm, especially when you need to ensure a cultural fit.
This plan is generally a commercial benefit for a business, as these rates are usually more affordable.


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