​Sourcing and job searching in the marketing space:

Is absolutely candidate-led. Clients are being more open-minded to hiring candidates cross-sector with a variety of experience as well as hiring more junior marketers and leveling them up with training. This is due to the limited number of skilled candidates who are actively looking to move jobs right now.

The current job market is giving candidates a vast choice of opportunities, therefore employers must make their roles attractive as skilled candidates are getting 2-3 offers at one time. This gives the candidate the opportunity to cherry-pick the right role for them. Therefore we are advising our clients to make their recruitment process as slick as possible, so we don’t lose good candidates.

The marketing sector is often looking to hire:

Within the content and marketing space there is a myriad of roles used to make up a successful brand, this could include copywriting, journalism, social media, PR, design, and marketing.

We’re currently seeing an increase in demand for marketers with a performance background focusing on business growth and impacting revenue. There is an uptick in people having B2B, technology, and SAAS backgrounds due to the rise in digitalization since the pandemic and remote working.

The sector is focused on lead generation, and subscriptions marketing, with the main goal to reach bigger audiences. Employers hiring copywriters are interested in candidates who can create copy for wider audiences with the ability to translate jargon texts into easily digestible content online.

The skills that marketing employers look for in new hires include:
  1. ​Excellent communication, confident managing external and internal stakeholders, a real player.

  2. Commercial mindset and performance-driven, making an impact on business goals/revenue.

  3. Analytical skills, anything from looking at past performance to creating reports.

  4. Understanding your target audience and their purchase motivations.

  5. Technical skills, using tools and programs to support your activity.

  6. Seeing challenges as opportunities, and consulting on best practices.

  7. Understanding how different aspects or channels work together to form a strategy.

  8. Keeping up with new market trends and current topics of conversation among customers to ensure content is relevant.

  9. Creative thinking to push boundaries, create emotion, and influence activity.

  10. Managing external reputation, representing your business or client acting as a brand guardian.

Inexperienced marketing candidates can invest into:

If you’re a budding journalist, completing an NCTJ qualification or equivalent is a brilliant asset. Inexperienced digital candidates ought to get familiar with Google Analytics and how it works to measure goals such as website visits or completed CTAs such as transactions or downloads of content. Salesforce and Hubspot are also great learning platforms that can help grow knowledge of the content and marketing sector. Other digital marketing certificate courses and CICM courses can also be attractive to prospective employers. As well as this, being proactive in learning about technical tools to help create and promote video, podcast, infographics, whitepapers, and more depending on your career path.

Marketing employers are now offering:

In a tough market to hire candidates, it is important that employers hiring marketers create desirable roles and position themselves as employers who invest in the wellbeing and success of their employees. The role itself should be challenging but not unachievable because candidates have a plethora of opportunities available should they want something different.

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