​Organic social is like building a rocket and not putting fuel in it, you can do it but it won’t actually help your brand get to the stars. You may be able to get a lovely crowd of rocket fans coming to look at it, but wouldn’t you rather launch it and have millions of people tune in? - LinkedIn

There is a lot of noise from social marketers about how capturing and maintaining an exclusive community is the rocket that maximizes engagement and brand loyalty.

No one disagrees with that but if you only ever speak to the converted, you don't grow.

Targeted and relevant paid media is the rocket fuel that rapidly builds bigger audiences. It guides people to your brand where you can capture them and dazzle them with your social magic.

Marketing is hugely complex but the disciplines remain relevant. You need to reach and engage audiences in multiple ways across multiple platforms. Social is a key element of the marketing mix but all aspects are required for effective results-orientated marketing.

Jerry Dakin is fast becoming Media's, Dave Trott.

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