​​Chartered Management Institute head Ann Francke said sports banter can exclude women and lead to laddish behaviour such as chat about sexual conquests. - BBC

So many things these days have me wondering what the future holds for how humans will be able to interact at work. This ludicrous advice from the Chartered Management Institute is just the latest absurd thinking from people who don't seem to understand that people don't fit into neat little boxes.The sexes are not uniform in what interest us. Assuming all women have no interest in sport is ignorant. Assuming all men have no interest in beauty products is equally wrong. Indeed, such assumptions are sexist in themselves.

Furthermore, most of us spend the majority of daylight hours in the workplace. Therefore, the working environment is a kind of second home to us. We build relationships and friendship groups based on our interests.

Should we not be able to build those bonds because a person may not have an interest in one aspect of conversation?

The workplace should reflect the society we live in. Diverse interests which as humans we choose to take an interest in. The over policing of a key fabric of our society will restrict natural human behaviour to the detriment of everyone's well being.

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